Malabar Spinach – How To Grow it in South Florida

Malabar Spinach Quick Look You can grow Malabar Spinach year round in South Florida, even during the scorching heat of summer.  Malabar is not a true spinach but it does taste like spinach and I’ll add, it tastes better than English Spinach. There are two varieties, Green Malabar and Red Stem Malabar. Malabar is a vining…

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Growing Peppers In Containers – South Florida Zone 10

Yes it is possible. Growing peppers in container in the blisteringly hot days of summer down here in zone 10 South Florida offers a few challenges. The August heat alone makes it unbearable for humans but plants have it much worse as they have to contend with disease, humidity and bugs too. Oh and the bugs, they…

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potting mix thumb

Soilless Potting Mix for Container Gardening in South Florida

What the heck is a soilless potting mix? A soilless potting mix  is a blend of ingredients that you put in a plant pot or container to grow plants or vegetables in. This blend of ingredients does not contain sand or soil. Why would you choose to use a soilless potting mix? Plants needs three…

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